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Best Powder Coating Guns for All Industries

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Powder coating guns have become indispensable devices in numerous industries and are widely used for their efficiency and top-quality finishes. The vendor Ramseier Koatings is leading the industry with its portfolio of powder coating guns tailored for industrial and professional use in automotive, construction, repair and maintenance industries. Here we dig deeper into the types of convenient and easy to use handheld powder coating tools best for small projects.


Electrostatic Powder Gun

The inclusion of Total Charge Control electrostatics technology is what makes this automatic spraying gun more user friendly and effective in operation. Supporting five charging modes, remote wireless control, and ground fault detection, it makes sure of high reliability in the several applications.

Also, its strong structure and ergonomic design render it suitable for continuous use in difficult industrial settings whereby it contributes to greater productivity and efficiency.

Total charge control is achieved through electrostatic technology with 100 electrostatic settings and five charge modes displayed on the S600. The user has access to the product's remote-control function, which makes it very convenient and versatile to use for powder coating processes.

Smart Clean technology guarantees a full throat loading and brings higher safety and reliability. Also, the gun's compact build and convenient grip reduce operator fatigue making it possible to operate the gun for a long time without losing the accuracy or speed.

Automatic Powder Coating System

BF S600 Boxfeed Manual Unit

Developed for the use of small production runs, with frequent color changes, the BF-S600 has all the capability of autonomous operation and mobility. Its patented TCC Technology ensures problem free charge management, which guarantees well looking coating characteristics. Its superior penetration capability gives complete coverage and ensures high transfer efficiency.

Also, its small size and the maneuvering capacity make it appropriate for use in narrow places and on site, allowing for flexibility and convenience among the operators from different fields.


LG S600 Lab Gun Unit

The manual spray gun, control unit, and powder cup attachment of this kit are developed for a laboratory environment. Easy to use and clean thanks to the Venturi pump and ergonomic construction that guarantee quick and easy job. Its function is not limited to sample coverage and color testing but rather to more extensive quality control measures.


Furthermore, its modular design enables customization and integration with the laboratory equipment that are already available, thus leading to workflow efficiency and compatibility with different experimental setups.


PH S600 Manual Hopper Unit

Offering a flowing bed and a stainless-steel barrel, this machine is suitable for small batches and frequent color switches. This modularity makes it possible to use the device as an independent entity, giving freedom of choice to the users. The large dynamic pressure head guarantees that coating is applied in an efficient way, which improves productivity as a whole.

In addition, the easy to operate GUI and the simple controls facilitate its operation and minimize the time required to train the operators, making it a perfect solution for companies aiming at maximizing the efficiency and streamlining the processes of powder coating.


Buying Guide

The choice of a powder coating gun may be influenced by different parameters, which should be taken into consideration to make the right decision for your particular case.


Project Needs

First and foremost, the most important thing is to decide what kind of powder coating gun will be the best fit for your application. There are several types of it such as electrostatic spray guns, hand-held spray guns, and automatic spray guns. Electrostatic spray guns use an electrostatic charge to attract powder particles to the surface to enable a uniform coverage and minimal overspray. Manual spray guns will provide greater control over the coating process and this makes them ideal for smaller jobs or where precision is required.

However, on the other hand the automatic spray guns are designed to suit big projects and they give a constant and even coating ensuring efficiency.


Surface Materials

Choose the size and scale of the powder coating gun based on the size of your projects. Decide if you are using firearm for small project or big batch production. Also, account the type of surface you'll be applying for, be it metal, plastic or wood, as different guns will work better for certain types of surfaces.

Overlaying the required coating thickness and whether the gun has the option to adjust the coating thickness should be another noteworthy point.



Search for guns with the latest electrostatic technology, like Total Charge Control, that guarantees the powder attaches more efficiently and the coating is uniformly sprayed. Consider guns with multiple charging system to deal different gun powder types and application contexts.

Also consider using guns with remote control feature for additional maneuverability and flexibility during the spraying process. Some models rather have these features like Smart Clean technology for better maintenance & extend the gun life, with built in safety features like ground fault detection improves operator safety.



Budget and cost are another important aspect of powder coating gun selection process. Set your budget for the gun buy, look over the cost efficiency of each of the networks over time. Consider the extra costs that are associated with maintenance, replacement of parts and special materials such as powder coatings and cleaning materials.

Assessing the possible ROI of purchasing a top-notch powder coating gun including higher productivity, less rework and enhanced product quality as key considerations.

To sum up, the choice of powder coating gun is of the utmost importance for a perfect end result throughout different industries. The factors of compatibility, adaptability and strength are worth to consider before the most appropriate choice is selected. Installing quality equipment not only guarantees a high-quality product but also increases productivity level.

For modernized, quality powder coating solutions that meet the needs of your industrial business, look no further than Ramseier Koatings.

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