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Best Powder Coating Guns for All Industries

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Have you ever wanted to powder coat parts but didn’t have the right equipment? At Ramseier Koatings, our powder coating guns are designed for industrial and professional users in various industries, from automotive to building, repair, and maintenance work. Unlike other manufacturers, we have taken great care to ensure that our powder gun balances power and speed at every price point. Here is a look at our top 5 powder coating guns that you can choose from for your next project.

Ramseier Koatings Smart 600 electrostatic powder coating gun

This automatic powder coating unit has been enhanced with the most recent advancements in digital electronics and "Total Charge Control" electrostatics technology, making it a user-friendly, dependable, and highly efficient spray gun. It has five charging modes, a remote control, ground fault detection, smart clean, and output air volume control systems. This bad boy comes with up to 100 recipes for what most painters face every day, allowing quick and smooth sailing through a project. Check the product website for the current price.

Automatic Powder Coating System

MG-S600 manual spray gun

The MG S600 is a sophisticated electrostatic powder coating gun that features "Total Charge Control" electrostatic technology. It has up to 100 electrostatic settings and five different electrostatic charge modes. It includes a remote control, allowing you to easily switch to manual gun settings and control the powder coating process yourself.

MG-S600 manual spray gun

It also has Smart Clean technology, which allows for air jet cleaning of the powder channel and discharge needle to ensure optimal powder charging. Smart AirControl is also available for surge-free and simple powder output control. The gun has earth fault detection, which makes it safer and more reliable to use. Check out the products page for the latest info on the price of this powder coating gun.

BF-S600 Boxfeed Manual Unit

The BF-S600 manual box-feed machine allows users to load paper sheets. It carries up to 250 sheets and has a maximum output speed of 150 sheets per minute. The device automates box feeding. This will enable you to utilize the equipment you already own to generate greater volume with little effort. The unit can be configured to do certain tasks in the production line. since it comes with a programmable logic controller. It has a screen and printer for displaying crucial information, as well as an automatic speed governor system that makes it possible to set the rate at which boxes are pushed into the unit. It is available in black and white finishes and can readily handle and feed various boxes. Check the products page for price and warranty information.

BF-S600 Boxfeed Manual Unit

LG-S600 lab gun unit

The kit includes the MG-S600 electrostatic manual spray gun, the GCU-S600 electrostatic gun control unit, a powder cup attachment, and an integrated venturi. The Venturi pump makes the gun unit straightforward to operate and clean, and the powder cup design results in less waste and faster color change. Overall, the ergonomic design of the machine minimizes labor effort. It is useful for coating samples as well as evaluating powder or color. Check the products page for the latest on the unit’s price and warranty information.

LG-S600 Lab gun unit

PH-S600 Powder Hopper Manual Unit

The PH-S600 is built with the sophisticated 600 system, the most modern digital and electrostatic electrical technology available, making it the world's highest-coating, easiest-to-use, and most-dependable system. It has a GCU-S600 Control System with five electrostatic charge settings that the user can choose from. It also comes with an electrostatic manual gun featuring a novel cascade voltage augmenting design, a remote control, and Smart Clean technology.

PH-S600 Powder Hopper Manual Unit

Finally, there's the fluid bed, which is a 50-liter spherical stainless-steel barrel with handles for improved operability. It features an exhaust pressure output and may be configured with up to six vents. Overall, the PH-S600 Powder Hopper Manual Unit is appropriate for small-scale operations with regular color changes. It can be moved and used independently with flexibility. Check the products page for the latest details on the price and warranty.


Because of its appeal among companies seeking novel techniques to apply plastic or paint finishes to their wares, powder coating technology has evolved greatly over the last few decades. Powder coating guns now come in different designs and with sophisticated technologies to make things easier for painters. The coatings themselves, too, come in a assortment of colors and forms. Check our website for the most advanced powder coating products on the market. We are a professional powder coating company, and our range of powder coating equipment covers most industrial applications, including metalworking and plastic.

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