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Electrostatic Powder Coating Gun & Total Charge Control (TCC) Technology
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This is one of our best electrostatic powder coating guns, with a lot to offer the user, including:

Total Charge Control (TCC) Technology 

This patented technology plays several roles, one of them being that it makes this device incredibly easy to use and reliable. Coupled with the TCC technology, this electrostatic powder coating gun sets new and better standards on the market. 

The TCC technology guarantees great control as the user sprays their workpiece, which provides steady coverage and great results with reduced overspray. What’s more, this handy technology efficiently handles the powder charge to optimize efficiency and minimize waste. 

This intuitive technology also facilitates ease of control for both experienced and new users. Fortunately, it provides excellent results, which is why it’s ideal for challenging painting projects. 

This smart 600 automatic powder coating gun has a lot to offer especially because of the TCC technology and digital electronic technology. This combination makes it a user-friendly device that delivers nothing short of excellent results.

Major Benefits

● It has five electrostatic charging modes for unmatched control even when charging it. 

● The remote control allows the user to shift from automatic to manual settings with ease. 

● This machine provides more efficient and quicker powder transfer to the workpiece. 

● It offers low operational costs. 

● There are more than 100 settings that offers the user control over their work. 

● The earth fault sensing feature makes it more reliable and safer to use. 

● The SmartClean technology facilitates efficient cleaning of the powder and discharge needle path to guarantee superior powder charging. 

● The SmartAir Control facilitates effortless and leak-free powder adjustment.


GCU-S600  gun control unit 

SCU-S600 Mk2  System control unit

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