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LG-S600 Lab Powder Coating Gun Unit
This machine comes as a kit, and includes several attachments and accessories for ease of use. The parts included in the package are:
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The LG-S600 Lab Powder Coating Gun Unit is excellent for powder or color testing coating samples. 

The parts included in the package are:

       A built-in venturi

       A powder cup accessory

       The GCU-S600 electrostatic gun control component

       The MG-S600 electrostatic manual spray gun

Minimum Powder Wastage

The built-in powder cup is explicitly engineered to reduce the amount of powder wasted. This makes the LG-S600 unit incredibly cost-effective because regardless of the size and type of coating project, there will be close to no powder wastage. This is thanks to the powder cup’s build, that’s perfectly crafted to ensure there are minimal losses in terms of powder wastage.

Fast Color Change

The design of this powder cup gives room for fast color change, so no more delays for projects. This will be particularly helpful for the user with a high-production facility and needs the job done fast. Fortunately, this speed will not tamper with the quality of your work.

The fast color change makes it a powerful tool in numerous industries, and it works with a wide range of powders, including epoxy, polyethylene, and polyurethane. Talk about versatility!


It is Easy to Clean

With the many components, this machine might be tedious to clean, but thanks to the venturi pump, it can be done with unparalleled ease and convenience. It also doesn’t take a long time to clean it.

Besides, the venturi pump also makes it extremely user-friendly.


Ergonomic Build

Overall, the LG-S600 powder coating machine reduces labor effort. This simply means the user will have an easy time coating as many surfaces as they want, without the machine glitching or becoming too troublesome for the tasks at hand.

For your coating samples, and color and powder evaluation projects, choose the best possible machinery; the LG-S600 Lap powder Coating Gun Unit!

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