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CQB Fast Color Change Powder Coating System
This is a swiftly changing powder coating and recovery system, one of the best for large production facilities. Its modern plastic sandwich spray booth features a breakthrough design for lustrous finishes. On each end of this spray booth, there are versatile touch-up locations. Also, the perfect airflow structure allows the powder to be moved ...
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CBS st/st Powder Coating System
This CBS st/st Powder Coating System features a modern design mode that ensures smooth airflow and distribution in the spray booth, giving the workpiece high powdering efficiency.  The Main AdvantagesThe machine perfectly combines solid industrial design and elegant appeal. Consistent powder feeding rate thanks to effective airflow distri...
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Automatic Powder Coating Gun & Control System
The electrostatic Ramseier Koatings Smart 600 powder coating gun has the latest TTC or “Total Charge Control” electrostatics technology and the most recent digital electronic developments making it one of the most reliable and user-friendly high-performance spray guns globally.Advantages of the Powder Coating GunThe advantages of purchasing this au...
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Powder Coating Gun Lifter and Reciprocator
We offer various ER, SR, and HDR series powder-coating gun lifters with various features to help customers get the best results. Our equipment can satisfy clients' workpiece shape, powder coating output, and line speed needs. Top BenefitsSimple to operate thanks to the reciprocator tool being steady.You can have the main control cabinet ce...
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KMB Fast Color Change Powder Coating System
The KMB “Magic Box” series is here – an exceptionally modern powder coating system that will solve the problem of changing colors at our esteemed clients. This new way combines an automatic spraying booth, a classy plastic structure and an automated recycling control system. All these parts make color changes smooth, increase utilization rate of eq...
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Ramseier Koatings is a company that deals with manufacturing and selling automated powder coating systems. It is unrivaled as a research facility that deals with production scales and has a high sales achievement. Ramseier Koatings is considered one of the top high technology manufacturers of superfine powder coating equipment in China.

We pride ourselves in offering excellent customer service and have a service system that takes care of all our clients from beginning to end. We also have a dedicated in-house team that offers technical support, product training and does follow ups after a sale is made.

Ramseier Koatings has a great track record of delivering quality machines and has done this since its start. We have grown our export to different nations and you can be sure that no matter where you are from. You can always order from us. Powder coating is an industry that has grown thanks to the technology from Ramseier Koatings. We offer low energy consumption yet high efficiency and precision machines.

The primary focus of Ramseier Koatings will be the development of powder-coating machinery, including manual powder coating units, patented technology products and automatic powder coating system. The company will also continuously create new products and technologies to meet market demands for innovation and client needs.

One thing Ramseier Koatings is dedicated to is developing quality powder coating machines and units. We use patented technology products and automation systems to get this done.  We are determined to create new products and technologies that will keep meeting our clients’ needs and the current market demands for innovation.

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