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CQB Fast Color Change Powder Coating System
Product introduction CQB Fast Colour Change Powder Coating System and Powder Recovery System is constructed in the latest design for modern plastic sandwich booth. Flexible touch up stations are located at both ends of the spray booth. Excellent air flow design ensures high transfer efficiency of powder. Minimal down time in cleaning and colou...
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CBS st/st Powder Coating System
Product introduction The modern design mode can ensure the smooth flow of the air and the reasonable distribution of the airflow in the spray booth, so that the workpiece can achieve high powdering efficiency.The main advantageThe best combination of elegant shape and solid industrial design.The modular design is adopted, and the installation ...
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Automatic Powder Coating Gun & Control System
The Ramseier Koatings Smart 600 electrostatic powder coating gun and control system has benefited from the latest development in digital electronic and the latest "Total Charge Control" (TCC) electrostatics technology which has made the S600 one of the most user friendly and reliable high performance spray guns in the world. The main...
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Product introduction In order to meet the requirements of workpiece shape, line speed, powder coating and output, we provide a selection of ER, HDR and SR series of powder coating gun lifters, with their different features to achieve the best results required by customers. The main advantageThe reciprocator tool is steady movement and sim...
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KMB Fast Color Change Powder Coating System
Product introduction KMB "Magic Box" series of fast color change powder coating system are designed to solve the troubles of color changing for customers. The whole system with an auto spray booth adopts advanced plastic structure and automatic recycling control system, which can save color changing time, improve equipment utilizatio...
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Ramseier Koatings provides a full range of powder coating services and products, such as automated powder coating systems and central machinery powder coating systems. Our products are widely used in the powder coating industry and others due to their variety, high quality, low pricing, and sleek designs. Many people use and rely on our products, and they can be relied on to adapt to the ever-evolving demands of the market and society.


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