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PH-S600 Powder Coating Hopper Manual Unit
The powder coating hopper is great for manual coating in facilities with low production volumes.
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Perfect for low-production facilities, this manual powder coating unit delivers nothing but great results.  

The Key Benefits

  1. Outstanding corner and recess penetration

  2. Utilizes the patented “Total Charge Control (TCC) Technology” for its electrostatic management system

  3. Ergonomic design

  4. Remarkable re-coatability and high transfer speed

  5. A fluidized bed-type powder hopper that's easy to clean

Easy Access to Corners

Coating irregular or large workpieces can be quite a hassle, especially without the right equipment. This Powder Coating Hopper is specially built to access the tricky corners, and allow for easy recess penetration, making the coating process easier.

Exclusive Total Charge Control Technology

This technology is one of the best and it works incredibly well, especially for the electrostatic management system. It makes this powder coating unit user-friendly, and delivers wonderful results. Besides, our customers love it!

Ergonomic Design

This unit has a flexible build, designed with user-friendliness in mind. The perfectly streamlined ergonomic build combined with the durable construction is a great blend, as it provides both longevity and convenience for the user.

Additionally, the ergonomic design improves productivity, seeing as it can be used for long periods without causing any inconveniences.

Outstanding Re-Coating Results & Increased Transfer Speed

Even though this machine is perfect for low-production facilities, it can work fast thanks to the high transfer rate. This also results in faster production times, since no powder coating is wasted during the entire process. What’s more, the high transfer rate is cost-effective in that you will use less powder coating per surface.

Regarding results, this machine will deliver nothing short of quality. Whether one or more powder coats are needed, the high transfer rate and fluidized bed powder coating will ensure great coats. The high transfer speed is also environmentally-friendly, because less material will be used, therefore less waste will be generated.

Easy to Clean

Once the user is done with this machine, they should clean it. Fortunately, it is easy to clean which is one of its many well-loved features. This unit has multiple components that need to be cleaned, and their being easy to clean is a good thing.

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