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Total Charge Control (TCC) Technology
Total Charge Control (TCC) Technology The Ramseier Koatings Smart 600 electrostatic powder coating gun and control system has benefited from the latest development in digital electronic and the latest "Total Charge Control" (TCC) electrostatics technology which has made the S600 one of the most user friendly and reliable high perform...
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PMC Close Circuit Powder Management Center
The core of the PMC (Powder Management Center) for automated powder coating production line is the patented DDF pump, which can transfer powder in the “high-density, low-velocity” manner.  Compared with the traditional Venturi pump, the DDF pump can transfer the same amount of powder with less air and slower velocity thereby the Zoftspray effe...
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MPC-5 Micro Powder Center
Base on over 25 years of successful experience with fast colour change systems, the unique Micro Powder Center (MPC-5), a powder coating tool and equipment, offers unmatched high quality fast colour change performance for both conventional venturi (injector) and / or DDF pump systems.The professional MPC-5 can be supplied as a stand-alone powder co...
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DDF Powder Pump and Control System
The powder pump and powder coating controller is the heart of all powder coating systems and the latest DDF4 powder pump from Ramseier Koatings can achieve high powder density and low velocity delivery.The new DDF4 powder coating transfer pump has incorporated user friendly and simple control for surge free powder delivery in relation to different ...
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Ramseier Koatings specializes in producing patented high-tech powder coating equipment for use in commercial and industrial settings and curing ovens and other associated equipment for sale.


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When you hire Ramseier Koatings, you'll have access to their full suite of powder coating equipment, including a set of powder coating guns, PMC Close Circuit Powder Management Center from a trusted manufacturer, and MPC-5 Micro Powder Center and DDF Powder Pump and Control System.

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