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5 Best Powder Coating Equipment of 2024

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Powder coating involves spraying the surface of an object with electrocharged powder particles and baking the object in an oven to melt the powder into a uniform protective and perhaps decorative layer. It’s a popular dry finishing procedure performed using manual tools such as spray guns, manual powder coating units or automatic coating systems designed to apply powder fast and precisely for consistent and high-quality results in large scale powder coating settings.


Whether operating a powder coating shop or running some DIY projects, manufacture and supply a variety of tools in these categories plus some patented designs you’ll surely love to get your mitts on and clad your appliances, electronics, automotive parts and other equipment and goods in durable and fantastic finishing. Here is some powder coating equipment we recommend checking out.


CQB Fast Color Change Powder Coating System

This monster equipment is an all-in-one system featuring a KHP-1 plastic sandwich powder coating booth and a spray unit for automatic powder application. The spray booth will enable fast color change. It has the perfect airflow structure allowing users to move powder efficiently and also perform color change or cleanup Hussle free.


The side of the booth features a vertical lighting setup for monitoring powder application while the ends of the booth feature touch-up locations which we’ve installed to help enhance airflow, minimize overspray and also separate touch-up procedure from the main coating line and keep it solvent free.


Overall, this is a one-of-a-kind coating unit capable of facilitating high quality finishing, even the top of the spray is designed with a large angle to provide ample room for you don’t know when you might need to perform a fast color change for color blending and reducing dead spots.

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Automatic Powder Coating Gun & Control System

Unlike the above all-in-one system, this here is just a spray gun, but an automatic one for that matter and with TCC technology which basically allows you to experiment with different charge modes and lower or raise kV to avoid excessive powder buildup in recessed areas or ensure complete coverage on flat parts. This, lads, is what makes it one of the best spray guns on the market and at a lower ownership price. Plus, we designed it with SmartAir intelligent air volume control and manual or auto mode allowing you to choose how you want to play. You can pair it with this lifter and reciprocator for a hands free operation.


PH-S600 Powder Coating Hopper Manual Unit

If you are not running a large-scale powder coating operation then this hopper manual unit will work just fine seeing as we’ve designed it to not only look cool but also deliver great results.


The most outstanding feature of this unit is the total charge control technology granting you control over the application process for various types of powder and parts. It’s a user-friendly equipment, combining durable materials with an ergonomic design for longevity and joy when you get your hands on it. Even in longer coating sessions, you won’t feel like putting it down.


Plus, it makes it easy to access tight corners and achieve recess penetration. Above all, we managed to get the transfer rate just right so you won’t waste your time and powder. Take advantage of TCC technology, high transfer rate, and an ergonomic design on a fluidized bed for faster uniform, complete and functional coating and cleaning.


LG-S600 Lab Powder Coating Gun Unit

Unlike the PH-S600 hopper unit that combines a cylinder with a spray hose on a fluidized bed, the LG-S600 kit combines a built-in venturi, powder cup, manual spray gun and a control unit in a compact design for fast color testing and powder application. We installed the cup to enable fast color change even when dealing with a wide range of powders.


Yes, it works with polyethylene, polyurethane and epoxy too and is also designed to rein in power wastage. The manual spray gun is an MG-S600 while the control unit is a GCU-S600.


Overall, this design works like a champ. It is lightweight, coats fast and allows you to evaluate and test various types of powder for your projects.


MPC-5 Micro Powder Center

The MPC-5 is one of our patented technology products for use with spray booths, powder coating guns, recovery/extraction system, and powder pump and coating controllers such as standard venturis or DF pump systems. It offers an enclosed sieving area, a closed loop power circuit and touchscreen control. You can use it to evaluate and test different types of powders and perform color changes.


In summary, powder coating is an eco-friendly dry-finishing technique that can be performed on a variety of surfaces provided they can withstand getting baked in a high-temperature oven to fuse powder particles into a continuous protective surface.


If you have already made up your mind about the above-mentioned powder coating equipment or need further chat to understand our technologies, call today to speak with experienced equipment manufacturers.

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