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Powder Coating Gun Lifter and Reciprocator
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We offer various ER, SR, and HDR series powder-coating gun lifters with various features to help customers get the best results. Our equipment can satisfy clients' workpiece shape, powder coating output, and line speed needs. 

Top Benefits

  • Simple to operate thanks to the reciprocator tool being steady.

  • You can have the main control cabinet centrally control the stroke length. You can set different turning points to achieve maximum stroke distance. 

  • Optional 2D device

  • The powder coating gun mover is programmable and can be set into 225 working programs. 

SR Series Short-Range Programmable Lifters

Lifter Function and Its Advantages

Thanks to their precise manufacturing, the three lines of programmable electric lifters have a stylish appearance. The equipment can handle the long-term repeatability necessary for spray guns during automatic spraying. Additionally, it utilizes the latest PLC control and digital positioning system to ensure smooth and reliable lifting action. 

The main control screen offers much helpful information, lifting distance and speed and is programmable with about 255 work programs. You have the touchscreen and manual buttons for controlling the equipment. 

The operating system takes advantage of simple graphics coupled with Chinese and English explanations for easy operation. There are supplementary robots and 2D devices available depending on your project needs.

ER Series Long Range Programmable Lifter

Lifter Series

1. ER Series long-range programmable lifter – can be used with up to 6 automatic spray guns.

2. HDRP Series Heavy Duty Long Range Programmable Lifter – can be used with up to 9 automatic spray guns.

3. SR row short-range programmable lifter – best for automatic spraying using a vertical cloth gun, with a travel distance of 100 to 400 mm.

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