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Advantages of Using the Automatic Powder Coating System

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Currently, the automated powder coating system is evolving rapidly, finding widespread use in the market; the modern powder coating approach is the result of cutting-edge technology, and the whole thing is making business operations more accessible and more productive than ever. 

To be a successful business, it's essential to employ modern powder spraying techniques. Several products can benefit from being sprayed with powder spray technology. Automated powder spraying equipment is constantly being improved to meet the market's needs. Many formerly uninvolved businesses have begun to grasp the significance of this cutting-edge technology.

Companies that need to keep up with fast turnaround time without sacrificing quality can benefit significantly from investing in an automatic powder coating line.




Conveyors are used in automated powder coating lines to move components between the various robotic processing stations. When it comes to powder coating, businesses can fully or partially automate the process for increased precision and reliability. To satisfy their customers, some organizations must take charge of certain aspects of the procedure by hand. 

Automatic system configurations have the flexibility to meet both regular production needs and expedited response times for special orders. There is a cap on the number of components that conventional spray booths can process. Manual labor is eliminated by automation, which results in increased productivity.

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More Exceptional finishings


The goal, as a wholesaler, should be to have clients return repeatedly. If you want to keep your customers from going elsewhere, give them access to the best things available.

Powder coating also serves as a quality assurance measure for your items. Products that have been powder coated undergo a cleaning and coating procedure that makes them resistant to chemicals, ultraviolet light, and water damage. 

All of Ramseier Koating’ powder coating systems are turnkey solutions tailored to meet or exceed your unique manufacturing needs at a price and in a footprint that is both reasonable and compact.




Reduced labor costs typically offset the higher initial investment of automated powder coating systems. Automated procedures can maintain powder coating output with a smaller workforce.

Companies who find ways to save money in areas like recycled powder, machine uptime, and quality control issues can better transfer those savings through to their consumers in the form of faster turnaround times, improved performance, and increased value.


Environment friendly


Due to the lack of solvents and other dangerous compounds in the powder used in the coating process, it is generally accepted that powder coating is safe for use and disposal. Also, the spraying technique generates nearly no waste and emits no harmful pollutants into the air.

When dealing with the powder, coating specialists must take steps to prevent it from harming their skin or lungs. There is no need for a primer, and carbon dioxide emissions are reduced. Primers used on metal typically contain chromium, which is harmful and has carcinogenic tendencies; this is a major plus for anyone working with aluminum.


Lessen Painters' Exposure to Health Risks


Powder coatings are much less likely to irritate the mouth and throat mucous membranes than liquid coatings. Any accidental skin contact must be treated with a solvent wash when liquid paint is used. To get rid of it, you use hot water and soap to create an emulsion, and sometimes it's necessary to resort to chemical solvents or specialized industrial hand sanitizers.

Powder coatings rarely, if ever, cause skin irritation, and in the unlikely event that someone does, it can be quickly washed off with warm water.


Greater longevity.


Powder coating offers a long-lasting, cost-effective, and robust surface for practically any form of metal, perfect for use in commercial and industrial settings. Compared to other types of finishes, powder coating provides superior resistance to wear and fading, as well as scratches and chips.  Glossy, flat, high-gloss, bright, candy, translucent, iridescent, hammer-toned, glitter, and wrinkle are some of the countless color options.

Even after several piles of washing, the color will still look fresh and vibrant, unlike with specific other treatments. There are also rough textures that are made to hide surface imperfections. There are various finishes, from silky to wrinkled to flat and matte.


Take Away 


Powder coating is an excellent alternative for maintaining product consistency since it reduces or eliminates the health risks associated with conventional painting processes. Modern businesses must consider output requirements, budget, and application to determine whether an automated powder coating line or a simple manual system will yield a higher return on investment.

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