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How to Choose the Right Powder Coating Gun for Your Application?

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Any powder coating job's success depends on the quality of the coating gun. A good powder coating gun can deliver just the right amount of powder to the substrate's surface for a solid, long-lasting finish. But with many different powder-coating guns on the market, how do you pick the best one for your project?

There are several things to consider when selecting a powder coating gun, including the type of coating, the scope of the project, the application rate, and the cost. Here's a look:


Coating Material

The type of coating material determines the type of coating gun required. Some coating powders require a higher voltage to ensure good transfer efficiency. For example, if you're coating with polyester powder, you'll need a high-voltage gun. On the other hand, a polyurethane powder coating requires a low-voltage gun and more delicate handling.

The type of gun will also depend on the target coating thickness. A cannon with a larger powder output and spray pattern is suitable for making thick coatings and vice versa.


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Size Of the Project

The size of the project will also determine the type of coating gun. For example, some projects require a larger powder output, so you'll need to choose a powder-coating gun to achieve that swiftly and efficiently.

For example, if you are powder-coating a large area, you'll need a larger gun than when coating a smaller area. Additionally, you should ensure the gun is easy to handle and comfortable to use since you may have to hold it for an extended period.


Coating Complexity

Using a gun with a more accurate and adjustable spray pattern may be necessary if you want to apply a sophisticated coat with numerous colors or special effects. The same applies to the size and shape of the surface you want to coat. They will affect the spray pattern needed to apply the powder evenly.

Larger surfaces may require a gun with a wider spray pattern to cover the full surface area, while smaller surfaces with complex shapes require a gun with a more accurate and adjustable spray pattern.


Application Rate

While choosing a powder coating gun, consider the desired application speed. If you want to apply the coating fast and efficiently, go for a powder gun with a high powder output. However, keep in mind that application speed impacts the spray pattern.

A high application speed requires a wider spray pattern for uniform and even powder distribution. Overall, an automated system is more suitable for high-speed powder coating than a hand-held gun. It can coat faster and more consistently.


Shop Layout and Workflow

Your facility must have enough space for the powder coating equipment. Depending on your location, you must meet some local safety code standards. Generally, you need at least 3 feet of room between the equipment and the walls. You should also leave the same amount of space between the roof and the top of the equipment. Also, ensure there are no hoses or sprinkler systems above the curing oven.



Ultimately, the cost of the powder coating gun matters. Generally, a powder coating gun can be a corona, tribo, or electrostatic piece. Corona guns are the most affordable but don’t produce smoother finishes like the other two types of coating guns. Plus, they are not the best for coating surfaces with complex patterns and shapes.

Electrostatic guns are the most expensive but allow the most control over the powder coating process, leading to reliable results. But if you're on a tight budget, you might want to look into a less expensive gun.



While choosing a powder coating gun, keep the type of coating, project size, application speed, and coating gun cost in mind. By doing a little research on the various powder coating guns on the market, you can pick one suitable for your coating project. Ramseier Koatings offers a comprehensive line of powder coating equipment.

Our products are widely used in the powder coating sector because we keep them stylish, versatile, and low-cost.

Advanced technologies, such as computerized color matching and higher transfer rates, provide prospects for increased profits. We also offer a selection of accessories and materials to support the powder coating job.

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