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How to Control the Production Cost with Powder Coating Technology?

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Advancements in powder coating technology mean some businesses will witness a rise in profits. Almost every fabricator faces the problem of keeping their products durable and aesthetically pleasing while decreasing cycle times, equipment costs, labor, material and energy usage.

Several fabricators have established powder coating systems in their facilities to meet this challenge. This is an efficient technique for producing products that meet strict OEM standards while lowering production costs.


Indeed, powder coating technology can help reduce production costs in various ways. Here’s a look:


Reduced material wastage


Powder coating produces less waste than standard liquid coatings. One of the most significant advantages of powder coating is the ability to salvage and reuse overspray. Also, powder coating is environmentally friendly. It emits no VOCs or other harmful air pollutants and doesn't require the application of solvents, making it a considerably cleaner and safer option than standard liquid coatings.


Overall, powder coating's waste reduction capacity extends a fabrication store's coatings budget and improves its sustainability narrative. Using a powder coating system engineered to reduce waste, you can save money on materials and reduce your facility's environmental effects.

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Longer-lasting than wet paint


Furthermore, because powder coating is more resilient than wet paint, firms can save money on replacements and repairs. Compared to conventional liquid coatings, powder coating is more immune to scratching, chipping, and fading. It's also resistant to most solvents and chemicals, making it suitable for a wide range of commercial and industrial uses.


The technique also results in a smooth, uniform surface that is far more visually attractive than traditional coatings, which means you won't have to deal with customer complaints about the quality of your products. It cuts down on the number of touch-ups and rework required.


Boosts efficiency


Powder coating enables simpler and quicker application, resulting in faster production time.  Unlike liquid coatings, it doesn't require a solvent to maintain the binder and filler portions in suspension. The process uses dry powder that doesn't require liquefication before use. The powder is applied directly to the surface, avoiding the energy-intensive and time-consuming mixing and heating stages required for liquid coatings.


Furthermore, you can always automate the process to minimize the requirement for manual labor while improving output. However, if you can’t do automated powder coating, you’ll need to train personnel on the proper use of spray guns for the best finish with minimal material wastage.




Powder coating is already energy efficient since it does not require solvents and other hazardous chemicals to complete operations. Plus, it uses less material, and the curing process is much faster.

However, the equipment selection matters.  Compared to standard powder coating tools, energy-efficient equipment can help you save money on electricity and lessen your carbon footprint.

For power coating equipment, get the ones designed to reduce energy use while increasing output. That includes the curing oven. Convection and infrared batch ovens are two prominent powder-coating curing technologies.


While infrared ovens typically have lower running costs, they require a larger upfront investment than batch ovens. Investing in effective curing equipment can significantly minimize the effort and time necessary to dry the coating, lowering production costs in the long run.


While at it, optimize material selection. Choosing the right powder coating ingredients can help you save money by decreasing material waste and the need for touch-ups or repairs. Select powder coating material that offers the necessary level of durability and protection for your product while remaining cost-effective.




Powder coating technology can be a great asset for companies wanting to save production costs. Compared to wet painting, it is quicker, more effective, and creates a higher-quality finish. But to maximize the benefits of the technology, shops need to keep up with product improvements that can boost revenue.


Advanced technologies, such as computerized color matching and higher transfer rates, provide prospects for increased profits. You will also need to implement quality assurance. Having a strong quality control procedure will minimize defects and the need for touch-ups and reworks, both of which can raise production costs. Use process inspection and controls tools to ensure the coating is evenly applied and satisfies the standards.


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