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What is a Good Powder Coat Gun?

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Powder coating has become a popular method of applying paint to various surfaces thanks to its efficiency, longevity, quality, ease of use, and cost effectiveness. This technique involves the use of a spray gun that uses an electrostatic charge to atomize powdered paint before it is evenly applied to the surface.


One of the biggest advantages of powder spray coating, when compared with traditional solvent-based painting, is that it results in significantly less environmental pollution through gaseous or liquid emissions. 


As such, it has emerged as the preferred surface treatment method for a wide range of users, ranging from DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists working on personal projects to large-scale industrial concerns handling massive projects.


Everyone who works has ever used certain tools, equipment, or machines to carry out a project understands the importance of having the best equipment available. For this reason, it’s important that you have the best powder coating spray gun for your needs, however large or small they may be.


To help you get the very best spray gun for your needs, we’re going to take an in-depth look into the world of powder-coating guns, highlighting their critical characteristics, advantages, and functionality.


We’ll also take a closer look at some prominent examples to be found in different categories for you to check out as you look for your perfect fit.


Let’s dive right in.

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Factors to Consider When Selecting a Powder Coating Spray Gun

The quality of the equipment we use will have an undeniable impact on the final result we get, especially when it comes to physical or mechanical projects such as powder spray painting.


Because there are so many options available to us when choosing a powder coating spray gun, we need to be careful when making our decision. To achieve this, we need to pay close attention to various factors, including:

Rate of Application

The application or transfer rate of a powder spray gun refers to the amount of powder paint it can output each second. When picking out a gun for yourself, you should consider this factor, as a gun with a high powder output will get the job done quickly and efficiently. Keep in mind, however, that changes in application speeds typically affect the spray patterns of the gun.


If you want an even, uniform powder application on your target surface when using a high-output spray gun, you will have to work with a wider spray pattern and vice versa. Many painters choose automated paint systems when dealing with high-speed coating projects rather than hand-held solutions, but the final decision will ultimately depend on your particular preferences and circumstances.



Purchasing any type of tools or equipment can be a costly endeavor, which is why we should think of it as an investment that will reward us over time. You should expect to get as much service from a tool such as a powder spray gun, which is where its durability comes into play. Not all spray guns are made alike, as some are made out of flimsy materials that offer little resilience and longevity in the face of constant work.


Before you make your final purchasing decision, carry out some research and find out whether the machine in question will withstand the wear and tear of the operation you have in mind.


You need to bear in mind that a faulty, worn down spray gun can cost you large sums of money through powder leakage, and a non-durable unit might force you to carry out costly repairs or buy an entirely new unit. Either of these options can set you back dramatically through wasted time, money, and effort.


Whether you engage in powder coat spraying as part of your hobby or to earn a living, the cost of engaging in it will be a factor in every decision you make. The first and most important decision you will make in terms of your costs is how much you’re willing to spend on your powder spray gun. As with most things in this world, you will get what you pay for here.


A seemingly cheap spray gun might seem like a good deal as you make the initial purchase, but it can end up costing you many times more over time due to wasted powder, frequent repairs, loss of clients (due to shoddy results), flimsy warranty coverage, and so on.

Coating Type

The type of coating material you intend to use for your project will play an important role in determining which pray gun will be suitable for you. Certain powders have thicker molecules and will require spray guns with higher voltages because of this.


If you don’t get the right voltage, your transfer efficiency will suffer as a result. Polyurethane powder coating, for example, is relatively light and so can be adequately handled using a low-voltage spray gun.


A thicker material, such as polyester powder, on the other hand, will require a high-voltage gun if you wish to achieve the best results possible. The thickness of the coating material will also influence the type of gun with regard to the gun’s cannon, as this will determine the gun’s spray pattern and powder output. If you want a thick coating on the target surface, you’ll need a spray gun with a larger output and vice versa.


Project Complexity

Different projects will call for different types of guns because of the differences in spray patterns that they will require. Where you intend to apply special effects, multiple colors, and other sophisticated designs, a gun with an adjustable, accurate spray pattern will be ideal.


You’ll need to make similar considerations with regard to the shape and texture of the target surface, as this will help you achieve an even powder application, which is the result we all desire. You will need to get a wider spray pattern for larger target surfaces and smaller, more adjustable guns for smaller surfaces.

Project Size

One of the reasons why powder spray guns are so popular today is their ability to tackle large projects. When you work on a project with a large target surface, you can have it done much faster using a spray gun with a large powder output.


A good spray gun for such projects should have a large output while retaining its comfort and ease of use, especially since you might need to hold it for extended periods.


The Different Categories of Powder Coating Guns

Examining and analyzing the individual qualities and characteristics of the various powder-coating guns available on the market might be too much of a hassle for most of us, which is why a system of categorization can be so useful. There are three general classes that cover these useful tools, as detailed below:


Basic/Entry-Level Powder Coating Guns

For beginners and hobbyists, this category can be generally counted on to get the job done. They come at significantly lower prices and carry lower Kilo-volt ratings than the higher-priced categories of powder coat guns. These units do not come with automatic KV or micro-amp adjustment, leaving you vulnerable to back or Faraday ionization.


As a result, you might find it difficult to effectively carry out a two-coat project or tackle complicated target surfaces such as corners. Lower Kilo-Volt spray guns also tend to result in lower powder wraps, which translates to increased chances of powder over-spray when compared to powder guns with higher KV ratings.


Mid-Level Powder Coating Guns

The biggest defining feature of mid-level spray guns over entry-level units is an increased KV rating, which helps reduce the amount of overspray they produce. Some units will also come with automatic micro-amp or KV adjustments.


They are ideal for use on various types and sizes of projects, meaning you can rely on them to meet your needs, whether you’re a weekend hobbyist or a dedicated fabricator. Another great feature of mid-level coating guns is that their replacement parts are much easier to locate, making them much easier to repair.


A dependable mid-level coating gun can be extremely versatile, making it ideal for use when dealing with all types of target surfaces ranging from flat sheet metals to more complicated structures.

Expert-Level Powder Coating Guns

At the top of the powder coating gun pyramid, you will find the expert-level units. They all come with automatic micro-amp and KV balancing, meaning that the built-in controller will balance the power being delivered to counterbalance the levels of resistance it is experiencing. 


You can count on these spray guns to offer the best performance in terms of double-coat projects. With regard to durability, they are unmatched thanks to being made out of high-quality materials and components, resulting in unmatched longevity, reliability, and performance.


In case of damage or eventual wear and tear, you should be able to access spare parts relatively easily because the focus when it comes with these spray guns will be on repair rather than replacement owing to their higher purchase costs. It will make much more sense to try and fix any problems with these types of guns rather than go through the expense of purchasing a new unit.


Another economic advantage of purchasing expert-level powder coating guns is that they typically come with much stronger warranties in comparison to other categories of spray guns, meaning that you will be in a better position to have your unit fixed at little to no cost if and when you encounter any trouble with them.


Owners of these spray guns will also enjoy the benefits of separate controller systems that allow them to manipulate the spray volume and power while carrying out the spray project.


Why Picking the Right Powder Spray Gun is Vital?

It’s easy to figure out why having a high-quality powder spray gun can be advantageous, but it’s important to understand the potential downsides of picking out the wrong type of machine.


Inappropriate equipment can cost you unexpectedly, especially where complex machinery such as powder spray guns is concerned. The potential downsides of bad powder coating spray guns include:


Higher Costs: Over time, you will spend significantly more money if your spray gun doesn’t measure up in various ways. Whether you are forced to spend money on replacement costs, repairs, extra coating materials, increased power bills, damaged target surfaces, or whatever the case may be, your wallet will usually be the first casualty of sub-standard powder coating guns.

Uneven Powder Thickness: The hallmark of quality powder spray coating is smooth, even results. If you can’t achieve this with your spray gun, then your end result will be a disappointing one, which might likely be rejected if you are working on a commercial project.

Warranty Difficulties: Substandard spray guns often come with flimsy warranties. What this means is that in case you have any trouble with them, such as breakages and other repair issues, you will likely have a hard time obtaining compensation or coverage from the manufacturers or suppliers concerned.

Repair/Replacement Issues: Powder spray guns are complex pieces of equipment that might eventually require repairs or component replacements, especially if they are under heavy use. To facilitate this requirement, you will need ready and convenient access to the parts you need and the specialists with the knowledge to maintain them, but this can be difficult where substandard spray guns are concerned.


Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, choosing the best powder coating spray gun will be an individual decision that will depend on a variety of factors. Your final choice will be influenced by your personal preferences, budget considerations, and the type of project or projects you have in mind. It will be up to you to carefully evaluate the factors we’ve mentioned in this piece to figure out what will work best for you.


Whatever your final choice, be sure to settle for nothing less than the highest quality brand. Ramseier Koatings has many decades of experience supplying powder coat spray guns to wholesalers, retailers, and individual clients worldwide. For world-class, cost-effective, and long-lasting state-of-the-art spray gun solutions, contact Ramseier Koatings and place your order today. You won’t regret it!

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