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How does a powder-coating spray booth work?

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As the popularity of powder coating grows, industries are moving towards a new age of making the finishes aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting and outstanding. And yet, the results are costly. You must have a powder-coating spraying booth.

It’s the only way to guarantee uniformity and super quality. So, hang on as this guide is set to educate you on how powder coating spray booth works.



What’s a  Powder Coating 


So we know powder coating happens inside a booth. But what does it entail? It's all about using an electrostatic gun with finely ground powder pigments and other coloring components. As such, its typically applied against a substrate. Then the substrate is heated in an oven wherein the powder will melt, spread and undergo curing to form a finish. 


What are the components of a powder spray booth? 



Normally a powder-coating spray booth will have some casing. This is designed to hold the power within the booth.


Exhaust unit 


This is purported to filter out overspray and air articles. Normally, it comprises a fan and filter. 


Powder gathering unit 


This unit gathers excess powder particles. As such, it has a cyclone separator and a filter which secludes powder within the airstream for reusing or disposal. 


Lighting fixture 


You need to see when doing the powder coating. This comes in handy during the inspection of the coated product. And so, the light remains strategically placed for better visibility. 


What's involved in the spray booth during the powder coating process?



Step 1 - Surface Preparation


You are going to do surface preparation outside the spraying booth. Remember, the booth is a controlled environment designed for the powder coating. Surface preparation, however, will require a separate area where you will do solvent, chemical, or abrasion cleaning. This will remove contaminants; afterwards, you may take it to the booth. 


Step 2- Electrostatic powder application 


Now in the spray booth, you must use the powder coating gun to apply a positive charge to the pigment powder. This is done while spraying the powder on the fixed substrate. As a result, you get uniform coverage with minimal powder wastage. 


Step 3- Application technique


As the operator, even if you are in the booth, you must apply the charged pigment powder in a sweeping motion. That is, you need that consistent thickness and distribution.  


Step 4- Excess powder Collection


It's inevitable. There must be excess powder termed as overspray. This happens when you miss the target. Negative pressure from the exhaust system will pull the excess powder to the gathering unit. 


Step 5- Curing


When you have applied the coating, the substrate will be taken to the curing chamber or oven. Here the heat causes the powder to melt and spread to form a smooth finish. However, the curing process and time depend on your desired finish and powder. 


Step 6- After the cure assessment 


The cured substrate, upon cooling, has to be examined for imperfections. This step only guarantees that the coated product is up to the standards. 


Step 7- Recycling and disposal of  excess powder 


The powder now in the gathering unit may be recycled. That's if it's passed through the reclaiming systems. It’s a cost-effective approach, but if it can't be reused, it can be safely disposed of following environmental standards. 


Take away 


The powder coating spraying boot remains the spine of the powder coating process. You need it to save the environment, reduce powder wastage, and ensure consistent and evenly spread finishes. So having a grasp on the processes in which the powder spraying booth helps in the powder coating process is essential.

It puts you in that position where you know that getting the right Powder spray booth from the market is a step next to success. Even so, which manufacturer should you buy from? 

The market is filled with tons of powder coating equipment manufacturers ready to make a run for your money. But one that stands out is Ramseier Coatings. We have crafted their CM Series Manual Spray Booth with decades of experience.

It's super-efficient, with swing wing filters for filtration and easy maintenance. It is best for air compression and noise reduction and boasts a good lighting system alongside the extraction unit. 


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