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CM Series Manual Powder Coating Spray Booth
This is one of our best entry-level spray booths with an incredibly proficient “Swing-Wing” filter cleaning setup.
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The Manual Powder Coating Spray Booth is most suitable for low production single-color operations. Additionally, this manual powder coating spray booth is also ideal for small-set tasks. 

Excellent Lighting System

This spray booth is the perfect option if investing in a top-quality, properly-lit booth is what’s required. Considering it’s where the workpiece is placed for the user to work on it, then having a functional lighting setup is vital.

It lets the user have sufficient lighting which in turn guarantees excellent results while spraying their products.

Top-notch Cleaning Setup for Filters

If a powder coating spray booth’s filters are clogged due to prolonged accumulation of powder, it will showcase performance issues. For this reason, it’s essential to invest in a spray booth featuring easy-to-clean filters.

This powder coating spray booth has an incredible efficient cleaning setup for filters, which helps avoid any issues regarding performance.

Compressed Air Yield & Low-Noise Performance

Low noise performance is a priority for most clients, and it is exactly what this powder coating spray booth is offering. On top of all the handy features mentioned, the user won’t have any noise -related problems with this machine.

Easy to Clean

This spray booth is easy to clean, and fortunately it is perfect for one-color projects and cleaning it later on won’t be difficult. Nonetheless, the easy to clean nature is mostly thanks to the open design it features.


This spray booth is built to be a safe and neat workplace, which maximizes productivity and enhances the user’s safety. This is due to the powerful integrated extraction system, that draws all the chemicals and powders from the space, and keeps the user perfectly safe.

If you want a small-scale production powder spray booth, with great lighting, excellent performance and user-safety, then this manual powder coating spray booth is the way to go!

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