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Why Choose Powder Coat Guns from Ramseier Koatings?

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Have you ever admired furniture because of its quality finish? Are you looking to design a surface that's durable and aesthetically attractive? For that, you require a top-quality powder-coating gun. Compared to more traditional finishing ways, the powder coating gun is both time-saving and more cost-effective.

A Powder coating device is among the most common coatings methods. This process involves powder spraying or granular components onto the surface to make a protective layer.  You can apply certain coatings, such as liquid, thermal barrier, and powder coatings.

The powder-coating device has dramatically changed over the last few decades. Powder coating guns and other equipment from RAMSEIER KOATINGS are a cost-effective and dependable solution for each home powder and industrial coating application. The brand has over three decades of expertise in the powder coating system sector and has designed many powder coating devices with a lengthy list of benefits and features. 

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Powder Coating: How it works

It's a process which coats glass, metal, or plastic using a protective powder layer making it more long-lasting. You can use powder coating on glass, steel, aluminum, and plastic products like toys, electronics, automobile parts, accessories, etc. Also, you can use wood products such as cabinetry and furniture.

You can apply the powder coating to surfaces differently, especially using guns to spray it from the air or a robot arm to apply a coating to great volumes of surfaces. It's a highly versatile process, and you can use it on products as little as screwing up to huge industrial components.

Powder coating devices include three main steps:

Coating: It's a step of spraying polymer or liquid metal onto a part employing a spray booth or atomizer gun to make the protective coating. You may apply the coating in layers if numerous colors are required or if you desire different.

Drying: You should then dry the layered surface for the powder to fully cure to avoid warping or melting when you expose it to heat during later production stages. Drying can happen in a vacuum chamber or an oven preheated to 200°C-250°C.

Absorbing: When dry, the substrate absorbs the powder coating by making microscopic pores via which the atoms of the liquid enter for them to bond chemically.

The marketplace has different kinds of powder coating devices, each with cons, pros, and differences in performance.

  • Laser-coating machines: You use them to apply powder coatings on metal items, and you can find them in industrial settings.

  • Powder coating booths: You use powder coating booths in factories and industrial settings to add powder coatings on containers, plastic parts and wood products such as flooring and furniture. You use powder coating booths to use powder coatings on huge objects you cannot handle or move, such as buildings and boats.  

  • Mobile powder coating devices: These are the same as stationary powder coating machines but with wheels that move the device around the store floor. It makes it simpler to reach places that are impossible or difficult for the operator to access using the stationary model.

  • Rotary furnaces and kiln: They are used for high-temperature processes in the automotive and electronics industries. Lower temperatures, like those employed in food packing, are used in furnaces.

  • Plasma arc chamber. High voltage is used to heat products in plasma arc chambers to temperatures between 1300°C and 10000°C (2000°F to 12000°F). You can apply them to a variety of things, such as glass and finished ceramics, protective coatings, finished steel and aluminum

Powder Coating Guns

You will require a high-quality powder coating gun to have uniform and smooth finishes reliably. You apply the coating using these apparatuses; You electrostatically apply and cure utilizing heat. 

First, you electrically charge the powder and then propel it to the sections you need to be covered. It’s great for certain applications, from mechanical parts and finishing appliances to industrial machinery and coating cars.

There are two kinds of powder coating units to consider; each has weaknesses and strengths: Tribo and Corona. The primary difference is moving the powder from your powder coating gun to the surface.

The main force for coating transfer in Corona is a power field between the powder-charged part and the cloud. For the Tribo powder coating unit, the material transfer is from the speed at which the coating is liberated from the gun, that’s, from the airflow generated by the compressed air.

Corona guns employ a top-voltage generator to break up air and generate positive and negative ions, giving the powder cloud a like charge. The charged cloud and gun potentials work together to yield a power field with the opposite pole (the part). At the gun, charged powder particles are attracted to the lower potential of the opposite pole (the part).

Another key difference between Tribo and Corona and Tribo powder coating units is the process in which the powder particles are electrically charged. An electrode is charged to a high potential concerning the component in the Corona cannon using a high-voltage generator. 

Contrary, the Tribo gun strictly charges the powder through physical contact and transport between your powder and the surface that donates or receives electrons. Powder transfer is strictly by the speed at which the powder is liberated from the gun.

Generally, the Tribo powder coating system is the best option when:

  • Uses needing the best possible look

  • Surfaces constructed using low charge conductivity, section geometry’s prone to the Faraday cage sections generation

  • Using powders with a low abrasive degree, like most non-metallics

  • Surfaces needing a thin layering

  • Sections that require the greatest coating uniformity degree 

  • Touch up uses

  • epoxy coatings

With Corona technology, it’s the best option for:

  • Sections made materials with a greater charge conductivity

  • Surface geometries not vulnerable to the Faraday cage regions generations 

  • Applying powder that requires a high degree of polishing, like most metallics

  • Sections that require a thick coating

  • Numerous custom coats

The phrase "100 kV" refers to the 100,000 high-voltage generators used in Corona weapons to create the arc that separates air molecules and creates an electron cloud. About the workpiece, the gun electrode normally has a negative polarity. 

You must reverse polarities to use nylon powders, which need a positive charge. Low kV corona powder coating guns (some as low as 16 kV) pose serious concerns regarding the amount of charged particles that can be produced at such a low kV. 

Why choose RAMSEIER KOATINGS powder coat guns for the powder coating equipment?

This brand, Ramseier Koatings, is located in Hong Kong. It’s the greatest melting pot of Chinese and European powder coating experience and technology. Their reputation for avant-garde designs and product reliability for their powder coating devices depend on 30 years of consistent commitment to development and research. The goal is to offer high-quality, cost-effective equipment to the clients globally.

Pioneer In Powder Coating system

It has a lengthy history of producing top-quality, innovative, and dependable powder coating equipment. Indeed, after over a few decades of persistent research and effort, their spraying device has had a stellar reputation amongst customers.

Their powder-coating guns are made with complicated technology and avant-garde characteristics to offer great performance and stability. They combine European and Chinese powder coating professionalism and technology; also, they have cutting-edge designs for better user-friendliness.

Variety of Products

As the leading powder coating equipment manufacturer, Ramseier Koatings offers different devices for coating automobiles, metal, and wood, among other products. The brand has manual coating devices, auto powder coating units, and innovative technological items to fulfill your needs. 

Indeed,  they've patented technologies like the DDF Pump, which moves powder in a "low speed, high density" manner for a soft spray impact, and Total Charge Control (TCC) electrostatics technology, which lets clients select between different charge modes in their machines.

Also, they offer certain customization choices, making users customize their powder-coating gadgets to the specific needs of their tasks.

Top in market

The best finish is found in none other than Ramseier Koatings equipment. After your powder melts and resolidifies, make a soft face without dripping or running. So, you don't need to sand or refinish once you make any mistakes.

Generally, the company's equipment is produced to provide its customers with the best reliability and performance at Ramseier, a huge following of individuals looking to utilize the most efficient and reliable powder coating system. The brand has offered advanced technology,  top-notch quality products, and the greatest customer service for a long duration.


Ramseier Koatings offers high-quality services and equipment. Also, the brand's equipment has been tried and proven to fulfill CE standards. This certification ensures that their devices will help individuals work effectively and safely.

Since the powder has no toxic solvents or chemicals, it’s safe for use and disposal. With Ramseier, the powder coating process releases no toxic chemicals and generates less waste. But, expert painters can ensure they don't inhale the powder and wear safety gear that reduces skin contact.

High Quality

The finish on powder coatings is of exceptional grade. The powder molecules level themselves in an application and are resistant to running, which makes this possible. The coating is applied more uniformly to the substrate than liquid coatings. Additionally, powder coatings need fewer layers than liquid coatings, which helps prevent flaws between layers.

The application and drying procedures produce a finish unique to powder coatings. The powder generates a smooth surface devoid of drips or runs since it melts and solidifies. As a result, if mistakes are made, there's no need to sand or redo the finish.

Customer Service

They have an extensive customer care program for troubleshooting, upkeep, and repair. It's a program that ensures the device is in good form and offers top-quality tasks to its customers. Also, the brand offers different spare tools and parts, making it simple for customers to get the necessary parts to keep the devices well.

They believe in technology; quality is a promise, management-oriented, and service's sincerity. Following the core values policy, they continue to offer clients the greatest expertise and efficiency coating alternatives. 

They are the world's most reliable coating partners through the accumulation of technical expertise and the test of time. They have eyes on the development and research of fresh coating technologies and the quest for greater quality to bring more value to their customers.

Places such as Switzerland, France, Germany, New Zealand, Italy, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Vietnam, North Africa, and the Philippines have greatly benefited from Ramseier Koatings latest electrostatic powder painting.

With the crucial advantages that Ramseier offers, you require your products powder-coated. But, if you lack the device, you should seek powder coating services externally. Ramseier Koatings powder coating is the best option for that personalized rifle finish. Any gun or firearm, including pistols, shotguns, and high-powered rifles, can be powder coated and finished by the company. 

The brand provides hundreds of bespoke finishes, including clear coatings, to elevate your handgun. You won't ever have to be concerned about the appearance or durability of the finish on your rifle thanks to exceptional performance, high heat, and corrosion resistance applications. Their skilled and qualified powder coating personnel completes every one of the projects in-house. Additionally, a full-range gun shop is currently open.

Take away

Knowing why you must select Ramseier Koatings for every powder coatings project is now simple. With the quality procedure and equipment, it lowers finishing time, guarantees quality, has multiple finishing options, and is environmentally friendly.

As a result of the changes brought by powder coating devices, companies have been looking for innovative methods to powder coat items in industrial settings. These coats are made from various types and colors, but most utilize metals such as steel, aluminum, brass, and copper. Others use materials like plastic and wood.

Suppose you require more solid devices for your powder coating project. In that case, Ramseier Koatings powder coating equipment is designed for experts and do-it-yourself (DIY) employees in fields such as building, repair, maintenance, and automotive. Unlike certain companies, they have carefully ensured that the powder guns have sufficient speed and power at each price point.

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