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Powder Coating Business: Market Trends 2023

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Powder coating's popularity goes beyond furniture production, medical equipment, and construction. The demand growth is very high, which is good news for the powder coating market in 2023. Nowadays, people prefer to repair their vehicles instead of buying brand-new ones, which is also a plus for the current powder coating market. 

Resources used to manufacture powder coating equipment and products are more affordable and available in countries like Singapore, Thailand and India. Because of this, the Acia-Pacific region is the main hub of the powder coating industry. The Powder coating market trend has different drivers, like increased demand in different industries and urbanization. Read on for more about the powder coating business trends.



Drivers in Powder Coating Market Trends


Increased Production of Modern Vehicles


Powder coating's role in the repair and manufacture of vehicles cannot be underestimated. Powder coating is mainly used to prime vehicle bodywork in most assembly plants. Car manufacturers use powder coating to protect rocker panels and sheet metal. Powder coatings can withstand high temperatures and stand a chance in the exhaust system market. 

They also have great potential in the modern automotive industry in terms of long equipment life, corrosion and chip resistance. It is no wonder why the powder coating market is growing at a high rate.


High Demand for Medical Devices


Powder coating has endless benefits in the medical equipment industry. They are used in hospitals, dentistry units, and operating rooms. Powder coatings have antimicrobial properties that help keep patients and staff safe while preventing production waste. 


The durability and scratch-proof properties of medical equipment like hospital beds, handrails, wheelchairs, and trolleys, among others, are achieved using powder coatings. Powder coating is also used in other sectors like the textile, food and beverage, and air conditioning industry, but the demand remains high in the medical industry. Technological advancements in this industry will continually cause a rise in demand.


Increased Furniture Production


Powder coating has been more popular in metalwork, but it's recently creeping into the furniture industry. It is used in low temp curing and the manufacture of MDF panels. Heat-sensitive wooden panels also benefit from this finishing solution.


Low operational costs


In the near future, liquid coatings won't stand a chance against powder coating systems. The start-up cost of a powder coating business is close to that of a liquid coating system. They're much lower than you need for an electro-coating business, as you'll incur maintenance costs. When you set up your powder coating system, you might get back your capital in less than a year.


Custom Properties


Powder coating companies use various colors and textures to offer their customers the desired designs. Companies can easily customize powder coatings because, unlike traditional paints; powder coating is durable even when exposed to high heat. 


Powder Coating Market Trends 2023


Technological advancement is one of the trends in the powder coating industry. Some of the new developments in powder coating result from new powder coating technology. Powder coating is environmentally used in industrial coating applications, and with significant technological strides, it will be possible to powder coat heat-sensitive plastics and wood. 


Thanks to the rising demand for powder coating in manufacturing and construction and more awareness of environmentally sustainable finishing solutions, there is significant growth in the market. In response, powder coating equipment and product manufacturers are working tirelessly to offer everyone in the powder coating industry perfect industrial powder coating technology for high performance and powder coating possibilities in more applications.

As years go by, customer demand and needs continue to change. This is another trend in the powder coating business.

Most customers now want finished products to save time and cost for DIYs. Powder coating companies understand that issues related to pricing, coating quality, and turnaround time might lead to customers being dissatisfied.

Powder coating companies are now researching how to serve their customers best to meet their demands. The cost and lack of raw materials were and still are the biggest challenges facing the powder coating industry. However, even with these problems, people still embrace the benefits of powder coating, which suits the trend toward sustainability.


Take Away


Demand changes in the powder coating industry are responsible for the market growth. Thanks to technological advancements, today's powder coating businesses enjoy the many advantages of emerging trends in the powder coating industry.

For a successful powder coating business, the top players in the market have to understand these trends. Ramseier Koatings is here to help with all your powder coating business needs.


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