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Industries that Use Powder Coating

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Powder coating is a painting technique that uses powder to coat a given surface. The powder is applied with a gun, brush, roller, or sprayer. It is then heated to drive out moisture. It can be used on metal, plastic, and wood products, but not glass or rubber.

Powder coating has been around since the early 1900s, when it was first used on aircraft parts by the Wright brothers at their Kitty Hawk facility in Dayton, Ohio. Since then, powder coating has evolved into an extremely versatile process covering various surfaces and materials with different thicknesses and colors.

Depending on its intended use, powder coating can be applied in two ways: manual or automated. Manual powder coating involves applying the coating by hand using brushes and rollers, while automated methods apply the powder from above using spraying guns or robotic arms.

powder coating system

The Seven industries that use powder coating

Automotive Industry

Automotive companies use powder coating to make their cars look good. They coat all parts of the car with a durable, clear finish to protect it from UV rays and weather conditions. The paints used in this industry are called polyurethanes which have several advantages over traditional paint finishes, such as durability, flexibility, ease of removal, and maintenance requirements.

Construction Industry

Construction companies are always looking for ways to reduce costs and increase efficiency in their workspaces. Powder coating offers them this opportunity because it can be applied over steel structures without damaging them while still providing protection from corrosion, rusting, or other damage caused by weathering from exposure to air.

Aerospace Industry

Powder coating is used in the aerospace industry to coat aircraft wings, fuselage parts, and landing gear door assemblies exposed to corrosive environments such as salt spray and dust between flights. The powder-coated surfaces help prevent corrosion from occurring during storage or in-flight conditions that may cause damage if left untreated or unpainted surfaces would be susceptible to rust over time if left untreated.

Medical Industry

The medical industry uses powder coating on medical devices, instruments, and surgical equipment. If you need surgery or need medical treatment, you would be hard-pressed not to find at least one facility in your area that uses powder coating for their equipment and supplies.

medical deivces

Further, devices such as pacemakers, insulin pumps, and hearing aids are made from polycarbonate plastic, requiring thick coatings of paint to prevent them from being damaged by everyday use and exposure to moisture. Polyester resin is used in these coatings because it has excellent chemical resistance properties compared to other resins available for this application.

Packaging Industry

The packaging industry is very large and diverse. It is responsible for the safe transportation and storage of food, medical products, pharmaceuticals, and general goods such as electronics.

The industry is made up of several companies involved in the manufacturing and distribution of these products to retail stores throughout the world. To ensure that these products are protected from damage during transit, manufacturers use powder coating to coat them with a thin layer of hardened material that protects them from wear and tear.

Also, powder coating is handy for packaging materials such as polycarbonate and polystyrene containers. It`s also useful for cartons and boxes made from paperboard and cardboard.

Electronics Industry

The purpose of powder coating in the electronics industry is to reduce the cost and increase the durability of electronic products. The process involves spraying a layer of powder on a metal surface. Powder coating can be applied to any metal, including aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium.

Powder coating protects electrical components from corrosion, scratches, and other wear and tear. It can also be applied to computer circuit boards to waterproof them against moisture damage from water or chemicals.

Further, computer chips and LCDs are powder coated to make them scratch resistant. They also use it to coat the metallic circuit board parts, making them water-resistant (but not waterproof).

Agriculture Industry

Powder coating is handy in the agriculture industry as it protects the plastic parts of the tools from corrosion by forming a protective layer over them. It can seal and insulate metal parts, such as pumps and motors, from corrosion by forming an epoxy resin-like coating. 

Besides, it is suitable for agricultural machines, tractors, trucks, and trailers exposed to weather conditions like salt spray or moisture.

In Conclusion

Based on the information provided here, powder coating is mostly used in the automotive industry. Second place went to the construction industry, and third place went to the aerospace sector. Various other industries using powder coating include electronics and general packaging.

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